“Children English Festival”

The Intercultural Program “Children English Festival” is an opportunity for our Kids to put in practice every skill they have acquired along the Learning process.
We stongly believe that the sooner children start learning a new language the better, this is the reason why our program of English Language Acquisition begins in Pre-School, taking our little ones through three main fields; Language, where they learn to communicate and use structures which are subtly hidden into chants, songs, poems and interactive games; Phonemic Awareness, which leads them to recognize, associate and produce English sounds properly since the beginning of the acquisition of second language; Science, for our kids to develop environmental consciousness, respect and love for community and the world.

Inscripciones Abiertas para kínder, primero, segundo, tercero y quinto año básico- básica Superior y Bachillerato. ¡Los esperamos!